10 Prayer Points you can pray about

  • Pray for their Physical Safety: The dangers our law enforcement faces are immense. It is a daily challenge in a society today that is filled with violence, greed and hate.
  • Pray for their Emotional Safety: The mental, physical and emotional aspects are always on high alert. There is a combination of stress and anxiety always at work which can impact the mind in many ways.
  • Pray for their Families: The families of our law enforcement personnel are always affected due to the pressures they face on a daily basis. Divorce can be a result and forms of escapism which are counterproductive to the mind, body, spirit and soul.
  • Pray for Wisdom: Our police must learn to make choices in spontaneous situations that continually arise that are filled with wisdom that will bring forth the greatest good. Wisdom is right use and exercise of knowledge; quickness of intellect; readiness of apprehension; and a dexterity in execution.
  • Pray for Understanding: The situations faced are very complex when dealing with human nature. Understanding is an exact comprehension by the human mind regarding the state of things, situations, words that are spoken, that are before an individual.
  • Pray they would have Compassion for the People they Serve: They are dealing with lives and souls that will face God someday. May they have a heart like Jesus Christ had and feel what an individual may be going through at the time and respond accordingly. May hearts never become hardened! It is very easy to become bitter and unforgiving when evil is encountered so often on a daily basis. Compassion is painful sympathy; suffering with another; pity; and distress of the misfortunes of another.
  • Pray they come to know Jesus Christ as their Personal Savior: This is the greatest need of all as salvation is the pathway to resolve all individual problems that may arise.
  • Pray for their Finances: We all face financial pressures. Our police personnel are no different so lift them up in this area of need.
  • Pray for their Health: The job stress in law enforcement can bring on physiological changes in the body, which in turn can affect the physical health of the body.
  • Pray they would Exhibit Integrity, Honesty and Dedication: A virtuous individual is to be highly regarded and respected. Temptations can present situations for any person to fail at some time. May they have spiritual fortitude and strength to be honest, dedicated and individuals of integrity.
For any other prayer requests, please email us at: info@adoptacopsa.co.za